DIETING – Sorry,am not Game!

if – Dieting means going hungry for hours,eating really less than what your body needs-that is!

I have no shame in saying that I have a good appetite! Its in your blood I guess,blame your genes! Appetite,or how much food keeps you satisfied depends on person to person and also on how much you like food.
I believe food is one of the “Joys of Life” – the colors,the tastes,the whole process of cooking,just as simple as giving tadka to your daal,lightens up my mood as I see the Jeera pop and crackle in hot oil – yes am that crazy!

With years of trying to lose weight (which I am still trying!) – I have tried almost everything,but could never make up to it. Eating less,eating no dinner etc etc etc you name it, but I could never continue it for more than a day – Reason- after a certain number of hours I felt so hungry that it left me binging on food! And not to forget the frustration,irritated behavior, lack of attention, not feeling upto anything etc etc etc…

It has taken me years of some serious “face it and learn it” to understand this simple fact, that our body needs fuel for normal functioning just like a Car does.
Feed a car with adulterated petrol or NO petrol – the car will stop.
Same is with us!

Our body,when goes without food for hours starts to think that there is a drought that we are facing and goes into ‘preservation’ mode! So what does it saves from whatever you eat? – Fat,yes you got it right! So instead of digesting our food,and taking all the nutrients from what we have eaten,focus is shifted to preparing the body for scarcity of food – and then we say,”I hardly eat,dont know why cant I lose weight!” (Yes,been there – said that!)

Feeding our body with simple,nutrient rich food at regular intervals,keeps the blood sugar level steady,and thus maximizing the nutrient absorption and fat burning. I have felt the effect of this,and though the progress is at snail speed,am sure its building a leaner and fit me.Its more important to have strength,stamina,and the full of energy all the times along with a disease free body.

We all know the basics of eating right – eat more fibre,eat less sugars/chocolates,eat less fast food,stop at 1 slice of pizza – we all know it,but we end up eating it all! (Hey,even I do that sometimes, you are not alone!)
I feel its more of lifestyle changes. I have shifted my focus to eating home-cooked simple Indian food – No I do not feel full eating salad only! I have my daily dose of something sweet each day.I workout regularly,and since I never feel upto working out alone,I have joined my office gym. Daily classes holds me responsible and forces me to attend those 1 hr workout sessions.

Yes I feel I more hungry some certain days,so I eat more. I love to indulge in my favorite foods! Indulgence is good,if it keeps me happy! (Hey,but Indulgence is not same as Overeating,keep the difference in mind!)

The best this has done to me is that I hardly have mood swings ,I hardly am an irritated girl these days and I hardly have the headaches that I had!

Have I succeeded in making you realize why eating minimal food can be harmful?


Rest is necessary….

My start to the new year turned out real painful! And my painful means real real high level of pain coz unless I wont have cribbed about it!

A new year,and I dont know what got into me or my workout instructor Reena, we had continuous sessions of intense workouts –

1.Wednesday – Leg Work ( My hamstrings were definitely hurting,I felt dead)

2.Thursday – Intensive cardio – I attended the class with pain,but was determined to complete it.

3. Friday – Cross Training (To My Horror!!!!) – and then it happened-I was sooo much in pain,that I could not sleep! My legs were terribly sore….. I thought a day of rest on saturday would help,but No it did not….so I had to take a pain killer Sunday morning! I avoid popping in pain killer pills as they are’nt good for you,unless and until absolute necessary.

Lessons Learnt –

1.I should have taken it easy on Thursday itself,and should not have been over enthu!

2. I should have taken the ibuprofen/diclofenac on Friday itself…I knew the pain is going to worsen.

3. Its ok to Rest from workout,if your body isnt feeling very comfortable about it. ( But I swear,during the workouts I did not feel the pain at all!)

However, I still would say – No Pain-No Gain! So am not stopping my workouts anyway! πŸ˜€


2012 – My resolutions

2012 is here! Welcome! πŸ™‚
And as everyone, I have been thinking of resolutions πŸ˜›

But then I decided, I would not call them resolutions, but rather the habits I want to inculcate in me starting off this year,and continuing it for years to come. So here goes the list :

1. Brush my teeth before going to bed : I am prone to acidity,and I have felt a yuck sour taste almost every day as I get up.But the nights I brush my teeth and sleep,I have felt the difference next morning. So thats my no.1 on making a habit this new year.

2. Increased stamina,fitness and resistance : I started working out regularly last year April,and by regularly I mean without feeling sad/lazy about the exercise,and looking forward to each session. And ,*touch wood* – I have not fallen ill since then. I am someone who is easily hit by cough/cold – and it leaves me all drained out of strength,but what I saw in last few months is amazing! Even though I felt am getting flu/cough/cold – a single day of rest bounced me back. So REGULAR hardcore workouts is the key. And I have been challenged already, as the building where I work got shifted,and now I would need to walk 10mins each day one side to get to the gym,which earlier was in my previous building’s basement itself. But then, I love challenges!

3. Fresh Fresh Fresh – Cook fresh and eat fresh! I love cooking,but IΒ  need to plan out the meals more to incorporate nutrients from all food groups.

4. Rise early – I usually wake up by 7am each day.But I want to make it at least to 6:30 am *most-of-the-days* (kudos to me,for my choice of words). It feels good to see the awe on people’s face when they come to know thatΒ  I get up early – they tell me that am a loser waking up soo early, but I know – inside they think,Wish they could do that someday! πŸ˜€

5. Complete at least 2 things which I decide to take up –Β  I Plan a lot. I ll do this,I ll do that – but end up not finishing almost all of them. So this year ,hopefully that wont be the case.

6. Take a vacation – and by vacation I dont mean taking an off to visit family etc. But a proper vacation to see/explore new places. Am very particular/choosy about the people I would like to go with,but ya I hope to take at least 1 trip to see places. πŸ™‚

As I re-read the above post, I have this goody goody feeling,dont know why! πŸ˜›

Hope to stay true to each of the above listed points.To wrap up,Β  a pic I saw somewhere

What are your plans this year? Do let me know!

Bake! weekend and sweet (!!??) realizations….

So, after a gap of almost 4 days am writing this post. Bad, b’coz I had planned to write every alternate days.
Anyhow, After this super rocking weekend, I feel so energized from inside, but my body feels tired,cough and cold are trying to attack again, and immediate action required from my side to fight back.

Why my weekend rocked? Because of this awesome and fun filled 2-day Baking class I attended along with my roommates and a couple of other friends. We had such a good time baking stuff – we started off with a basic cake and learnt to add flavours. My team made a butterscotch cake topped with pale yellow coloured buttercream icing. We baked plenty of cupcakes too and it was fun icing them all with various ingredients. Other stuff that followed were Chocolate Brownie, Choco Lava cake with soft and gooey core, apple pie and cookies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Loved the whole experience, by the end of the second day none of us could stand the sweet smell/taste!!

As I felt so upbeat from inside the monday morning, I was yearning for my workout class that happens in the evening! Somehow the day passed, and as we started our cardio session today,I could feel the amount of energy I had from inside for all the jumping and running but my body refused to convert that into actual activity and that irritated me a lot! Have you guys also felt this kind of thing during your workouts/exercise sessions? If yes,any tips you could pass on?

Just a small tip for all those who have a sweet tooth like me, try and learn and cook/bake these stuffs on your own. You will know the amout of bad fat that goes into these dishes,and you will automatically think twice the next time before having them. At least that will save save you from the mindless eating. For example, next time I see a cookie/biscuit am definitely going to picture the amount of butter I put for making my batch. Hope it helps me in my attempt to be fit-fitter-fittest! πŸ™‚

Cooking is a Therapy!

….well,most of the times. I love cooking, no doubt about it,but whether I want to cook at a particular time of the day totally depends on my mood,and the energy levels off course!

After the day at office and an evening workout,as I head home, all on my mind is dinner ( πŸ˜‰ well yeah, am a foodie!! ) . But cooking a full fledged meal seems so tedious at times, that I end up eating maggi…which definitely is not healthy for dinner. Slacking sometimes is ok though.

And so today as I came across Oats pancakes – they were definitely a try. But whats a recipe if it doesnt have my twist to it, so I mentally noted the recipe of Apple & Oats pancakes.

I never measure the portions, it was all an estimate. All I did was this:
Finely chopped 1 apple,added about 1.5 handful of oats, about a tablespoon of atta,3 teaspoons of sugar, a pinch or two of salt and mixed all of these together with about half a glass of milk,till the paste had a thick consistency like the cake batter. Kept this mixture covered for about 15-20mins so as to soften the oats.
Then poured about 1 tablespoon of the mixture on a slightly greased non stick pan,and cooked both sides until slightly brown. Topped with some peanut butter,they tasted Yummm!!!

I did not take a picture of these yummy pancakes, but they looked somthing like this

Good food makes me happy! Is it the same with you guys???



Am Back…..not with a bang though! Shhhh!

Hello World, the second time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ After about almost two years,am back to this place.

Neglected this space enough, reason being only one thing, lack of ideas to write.

But after all these days,which saw completion of my graduation,me accepting a job offer here in Hyderabad, to living a full independent life since past 1 year 3 months – I decided I give time to this baby of mine….but this time with a different context.

I plan to concentrate my posts around my daily life more, I hope I get it going!

Stay Tuned! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


(P.S : Make sure you are good to me, in case you want yourself to be mentioned in this placeΒ  πŸ˜› )

….you are the reason behind every color!

“Close your eyes as I paint your dreams Red,
Take you to the world where Love has no end,
White sky above and the blue beneath,
Sparkle onto your life that lay ahead….

Take a dive or Fly high,
caress the moments that colour our life,
hold my hand tight, let go of fear,
for you have my love that shall fill your life with colors….

Take you in my arms and whisper in your ear,
I shall love you forever and ever,
for You are the reason behind every Color…”


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