DIETING – Sorry,am not Game!

if – Dieting means going hungry for hours,eating really less than what your body needs-that is!

I have no shame in saying that I have a good appetite! Its in your blood I guess,blame your genes! Appetite,or how much food keeps you satisfied depends on person to person and also on how much you like food.
I believe food is one of the “Joys of Life” – the colors,the tastes,the whole process of cooking,just as simple as giving tadka to your daal,lightens up my mood as I see the Jeera pop and crackle in hot oil – yes am that crazy!

With years of trying to lose weight (which I am still trying!) – I have tried almost everything,but could never make up to it. Eating less,eating no dinner etc etc etc you name it, but I could never continue it for more than a day – Reason- after a certain number of hours I felt so hungry that it left me binging on food! And not to forget the frustration,irritated behavior, lack of attention, not feeling upto anything etc etc etc…

It has taken me years of some serious “face it and learn it” to understand this simple fact, that our body needs fuel for normal functioning just like a Car does.
Feed a car with adulterated petrol or NO petrol – the car will stop.
Same is with us!

Our body,when goes without food for hours starts to think that there is a drought that we are facing and goes into ‘preservation’ mode! So what does it saves from whatever you eat? – Fat,yes you got it right! So instead of digesting our food,and taking all the nutrients from what we have eaten,focus is shifted to preparing the body for scarcity of food – and then we say,”I hardly eat,dont know why cant I lose weight!” (Yes,been there – said that!)

Feeding our body with simple,nutrient rich food at regular intervals,keeps the blood sugar level steady,and thus maximizing the nutrient absorption and fat burning. I have felt the effect of this,and though the progress is at snail speed,am sure its building a leaner and fit me.Its more important to have strength,stamina,and the full of energy all the times along with a disease free body.

We all know the basics of eating right – eat more fibre,eat less sugars/chocolates,eat less fast food,stop at 1 slice of pizza – we all know it,but we end up eating it all! (Hey,even I do that sometimes, you are not alone!)
I feel its more of lifestyle changes. I have shifted my focus to eating home-cooked simple Indian food – No I do not feel full eating salad only! I have my daily dose of something sweet each day.I workout regularly,and since I never feel upto working out alone,I have joined my office gym. Daily classes holds me responsible and forces me to attend those 1 hr workout sessions.

Yes I feel I more hungry some certain days,so I eat more. I love to indulge in my favorite foods! Indulgence is good,if it keeps me happy! (Hey,but Indulgence is not same as Overeating,keep the difference in mind!)

The best this has done to me is that I hardly have mood swings ,I hardly am an irritated girl these days and I hardly have the headaches that I had!

Have I succeeded in making you realize why eating minimal food can be harmful?


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  1. Fit Joe
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 19:37:10

    thatshowifeel, forgive me if this is a bit off topic, but… This makes anybody angry: Diets in reality cause you

    to gain weight over time which has become more and more recognizable in the weight issues epidemic that\\\\\\\’s negatively effecting this kind of unhealthy food, little exercise generation. Are you concerned that stadium seating need to be increased to aid the rise in

    individuals increasing, ahem…girth? It indicates that we are becoming a larger country (and in no way in an exceedingly good way) of

    people than all of us have ever have in the past which happens to be before two decades only. Our young ones are

    afflicted with excessive weight associated

    circumstances for instance diabetic issues in addition to cardiovascular illnesses.

    I just read that in a research project seventy

    chubby American young children in the age ranges of 6 to nineteen were actually exposed to some battery of checks to check out the result that the food intake filled with fats had on their young

    figures. The results ended up being eye opening. All had

    high cholesterol levels as well as were inside the high-risk group of

    having heart disease and heart failure that a few patients ended up already expressing symptoms of.

    Could there really be any a cure for anyone? I think your answer should be certainly. Apparently

    just about all we need is without a doubt plenty of diet and exercise. We virtually all should begin get started Right now!


  2. thatshowifeel
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 11:59:17

    Hey….thanks for your comment. As I mentioned in the beginning of the post – Dieting is BAD,if it means going hungry for hours. Its all logical, if we think it logically. I feel sedentary lifestyle,and the ‘kind’ of food we eat is responsible for what major chunk of population is facing these days.
    You have mentioned it perfectly-all we need without doubt is plenty of exercise and diet control. we need to remember that the body works for us unconditionally-day in and day out – and its upon us to feed it with nutritious food and love.


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